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John T. Fowler.  Stock Photography.
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This stock photo catalogue is assembled to provide the quickest possible access to more than 12,000 stock photographs.
  Picture researchers, editors and art directors will find it quick and convenient to use via either the gallery browsing option or the keyword search function. Any comments and/or criticisms will be gratefully received.
  600 pixel files for review or comping are available for immediate free download.
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John T. Fowler

P.S.   If you don't find the precise image you need, please write. or call 613-256-4056.
  I may have more to show you that aren't uploaded yet.
  Or I may be able to mention your need to my network of other pro stock photographers.    There is never a charge for this service.

  Pictures in this on line catalogue include
  Butterflies Moths Acadian Hairstreak Butterflies Baltimore Checkerspot Butterflies   Banded Hairstreak  Butterflies  Black Swallowtail Butterflies Blue & Azure Butterflies Bog Elfin Butterflies Butterflies as Icons  Butterfly Special Effects Copper Butterflies Early Hairstreak Butterflies Extinct & Extirpated Butterflies Frosted Elfin Butterflies Homerus Swallowtail Butterflies Harris's Checkerspot Butterflies Harvester Butterflies Henry's Elfin Butterflies Karner Blue Butterflies Mottled Duskywing Butterflies Monarch Butterflies Monarch Life Cycle Mormon Metalmark Butterflies Painted Lady Butterflies Pine Elfin Butterflies Red Admiral Butterflies Silvery Checkerspot Butterflies Taylor's Checkerspot Butterflies Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies Tropical Butterflies White & Sulphur Butterflies White Admiral Butterflies Xerces Blue Butterflies

Wildflowers and Mushrooms Amaranth Family Arboreal Lichens Arctic Cottongrass Arctic Flowers Bee Balm Black-Eyed Susan Blueberry Shrubs Bog and Fen Plants Bog Rosemary Bog-laurel Cala Lily Cardinal Flower Catnip Columbine Flowers Clover Cucumber Family Daisies Dandelions Devil's Paintbrush Dutchman's Breeches Evening Primrose Family Everlasting Ferns Figwort Family Fireweed Flower Closeups Forget-Me-Nots Garden Flowers Gentians Ginseng Goldenrod Hawkweed Hepatica Indian Paintbrush Indian Pipe Jack-In-The-Pulpit Joe Pye Weed Labrador Tea Lichens and Mosses Lillies and Wild Leeks Lupines Marsh Marigold Meadow Mushroom Milkweed Moon Flower Morning Glory Chanterelle Meadow Mushroom Morel Mushroom Puffball Shaggy Mane Shiitake Spikenard Misc Nightshade Old Man's Beard Arethusa Calapogon Heleborine Ladies Tresses Leafy White Mocassin Flower Northern Coralroot Northern Green Pleione Prairie White-Fringed Ram's Head Lady's-Slipper Rattlesnake Plantain Rose Pegonia Round-Leaved Orchis Showy Lady's-Slipper Slender Ladies Tresses Small Purple Fringed Small Round-Leaved Orchis Yellow Lady's-Slipper Cultivated Pea Family Plants Pink Family Plants Pitcher Plants Poison Ivy Prairie Sunflower Purple Loosestrife Rose Family Silver Rod Skunk Cabbage Snapdragons St Johnswort Sundews Teasels Tomato Family Trout Lily Vervain Family Virginia Creeper Water Lillies White Trilliums Wild Leek Wild Parsley and Carrot Wintergreen Family

Beetles Long-Horned Beetle Photo Galleries Asian Longhorn Beetles Emerald Ash Borer Beetles Indigenous Long-Horned Beetles Mountain Pine Beetles Red Milkweed Beetles Sawyer Beetles Beetle Damage Beetle Damage Carrion Beetles Click Beetles Diving Beetles Extinct & Extirpated Beetles Fireflies & Lightning Bugs Ground Beetles Japanese Beetles Lady Beetles Lady Bug Beetles Ladybug Beetles Ladybeetles Leaf Beetles Net-Winged Beetles Passalid Beetles Pine Beetles Scarab Beetles Soldier Beetles Tiger Beetles Beetles

Trees Apple Trees Ash Trees Beech Trees Cedar Trees Birch Trees Cherry Trees Crab Apple Trees Dogwood Trees Elm Trees Forestry Habitat Renewal Hawthorn Trees Hickory Trees Leatherwood Trees Manitoba Maple Trees Maple Trees Mixed Forests Oak Trees Poplar Trees Prickly Ash Trees Reforestration Red Pine Trees Russian Willow Trees Serviceberry Trees Silver Maple Trees Spruce Trees Tamarack Trees White Pine Trees Willow Trees

Agriculture Agriculture Crops Algonquin Park Alligators Almonte Amphibians Ants Animal Health Arachnids Arctic Arctiid Moths Argiope Spiders Arthropods Artisans Baking Bread Bird nests Bird eggs Backgrounds, textures Backgrounds, reflections Bass, Pike & Walleye Fishing Bears British Columbia Buck Saturnidae Moths Bugs Homoptera Bugs Hemiptera Business and Industry Blanding's Turtles Bull Frogs Brown Snakes Catholic Churches Computers Crocodiles Caddisflies Trichoptera Canada's Capital Cattle Central Canada Cecropia Moths Changing of the Guard Children Children Coloring Children Reading Children Using Computers Christmas Columbia Silk Moths Centipedes Comfort Foods Communication Concepts Concrete Workers Cooperatives Crab Spiders Crooked Chute Park Cutworm Moths Composting Cooperatives Dogs Damselflies Dragonflies Drought Eastern Canada Early snowfall Edible Mushrooms Electrical Power Generation Energy, wood Extinct Extirpated Environment Environmental Education Elm trees Ephemeroptera Fair Trade Fall Colour Fear Feathers Fences Flies Diptera Fly Fishing Food and Cooking Food Mushrooms Forestry Fossils Frogs Fruit Frustration Geometrid Moths Grape Family Graffiti Green Frogs Garter Snakes Hemiptera Habitat Renewal Hawk Moths Honey Bees House Construction Human Health Health Hot Cross Buns Imperial Moths Iguanas IO Moths Joy Kittens Landfills Landscape Themes Leaf Beetles Lifestyle Activites Lily Family Loneliness Luna Moths Leeches Marbled Spiders Mayflies Mice, Moles, Voles Misty, Atmospheric Scenes Models Morning snowstorm Mosquitoes Diptera Mount Garibaldi Mountain Streams Mushrooms as Food Millipedes Moss Mites Muffins Moths Nest Egg Noctuid Moths Ontario Streams Ontario Farms Ottawa Cenotaph Ottawa Parks Ottawa Buildings Physiotherapy Panoramas Papilionidae Parasites Passenger Pigeons Pasta People Physically Challenged People Pollution Polyphemus Moths Pork Hocks Pre Teens Promethea Moths Physiotherapy Physiotherapists Poultry Plecoptera Painted Turtles Spring Peeper Frogs Protestant Churches Passenger Pigeon Pipelines rain Recycling Reptiles Rideau Waterway Park Red-Bellied Snakes Retailing Salamanders Saskatchewan Spiders Short-eared owl Snowy owl Screech owl Silver Lake Park Snapdragons Sphingidae Sphinx Moths Spiders Stews Stoneflies Success Sulphur Butterflies Swallowtail Butterflies Swallowtails Sweet Breads Spotted Turtles Snapping Turtles Spring Peepers Snakes Saturnidae Tarantulas Technology Teenagers Ticks Toronto Treasures Trout Fishing Salmon Fishing Turtles Tussock Moths Technology Toads Upland Game Hunting Viniculture Vancouver Wasps Wood Energy Walleye Fishing Wild Cats Winter Scenes Wolf Spiders Worms and Leeches Water Snakes Wellness Wildflowers Wildlife Management

Value Added Images Butterflies Moths Beetles Selected Insect Groups Spiders, Ticks, Centipedes, Worms Birds Mammals Reptiles & Amphibians Environment Trees Wildflowers, Plants, Mushrooms Natural Phenomena Conservation & Nature Centres Agriculture Eastern Canada Central Canada Canada's Capital Landscape Themes People Lifestyle Activities Health & Wellness Food & Cooking Money & Finance Business & Industry Police, Firefighters, Military Concepts

amaranth arboreal lichens arctic cottongrass arctic flowers arethusa bee balm black-eyed susan blueberry bog and fen plants bog rosemary bog-laurel cala lily cardinal flower cucumber cultivated orchids dandelion dutchman's breeches evening primrose everlasting ferns field mushroom meadow mushroom figwort fireweed flower closeup forget-me-not garden flowers gentian ginseng goldenrod hawkweed hepatica indian paintbrush indian pipe jack-in-the-pulpit joe-pye weed labrador tea lichen lillies and leeks lupine marsh marigold milkweed moccasin flower moon flower morel mushroom morning glory northern coralroot nightshade wild parsley wild carrot pea pleione poison ivy prairie sunflower puffball mushroom purple loosestrife roses shaggy mane mushroom shiitake mushroom silver rod shunk cabbage snapdragon st johnswort sundew teasel tomato trout lily virginia creeper water lily white trillium wildflowers wintergreen

orchids arethusa calipogon cultivated orchids helleborine ladies tresses leafy white moccasin flower nodding tresses nodding ladies tresses northern coralroot northern green pleione prairie white fringed purple fringed rams head rattlesnake plantain rose pogonia round-leaved showy slipper slender ladies tresses small purple fringed small round leaved yellow slipper

Selected Insects Ants Crematogaster ants Carpenter Ants Winged Carpenter Ants Bees Bumblebees Bumble Bees Honey Bees Collecting honey Beekeeper Bugs Hemiptera bugs Predacious stink bugs Seed bugs Seed bug nymphs Stink bugs stink bug larvae Spittlebugs Leaf footed bugs Assassin bugs Milkweed bugs Homoptera Bugs Aphids Cicadas Dog-day Cicadas Leaf Hoppers Spiitlebugs Meadow Spittlebugs Red Pine Spittlebugs Spittlebug Larvae Caddisflies Caddisfly larvae Caddisfly nymphs Caddisfly nests Crickets Grasshoppers Katydids Mantids Walking Sticks Northern Walkingsticks Walkinsticks Mantis Mantidfly Praying Mantis Mantis Egg Case Cave Cricket Dragonflies Damselflies Dragonfly Damselfly Common Whitetail Damselfly at rest Damselfly nymph Dragonfly at rest Dragonflies at rest Dragonfly resting Dragonflies resting Damselfly larvae Damselfly larva Dragonfly nymph Dragonfly larvae Dragonfly larva Eastern Blue Darner Dragonfly parasite Skimmer Dragonfly Extinct beetle Extirpated beetles Giant Carrion Beetle Diptera Cluster Fly Cluster Flies House Fly House Flies Fossils Hornets and Wasps Hornets Wasps Insect Damage Insect Galls Goldenrod Galls Galls Hop Hornbeam Galls Maple Galls Tar Spot Pine Beetle Damage Mountain Pine Beetle Damage Pine Beetle Galleries Beetle Galleries Eggs Insect Eggs Wasp eggs Chalcid eggs Moth eggs Tiger Moth Eggs Butterfly eggs Harris Checkerspot eggs Harris's Checkerspot eggs Buckmoth eggs Hemileuca Moth eggs Burr Oak gall Maple gall Oak Apple gall Oak gall Maple virus Neuroptera Dobsonfly Dobsonflies Green Lacewing Orthoptera Leaf-footed bug Seed bug Conifer Seed Bug Western Conifer Seed Bug Lice Duck Louse Ephemoptera Mayfly Mayflies Mayfly Nymph Mayfly larvae Mosquito Mosquitoes Culex mosquito Mosquito larvae Mosquito pupae Addes mosquito Citronella candle Parasites Parasitoides Insect parasites Black Horse Fly Mites Blattisocidae mites Wasp eggs Chalcid eggs Chalcid emerging Chalcid wasp emerging Wasp emerging Deer tick Dog tick Ichneuman wasp Ichneuman Wasp emerging Indian Pipe Parasitised skimmer Parasitised dragonfly Parasitised hawkmoth Parasitised larvae Parasitised inch worm Parasitised geometrid larva Pelecinid wasp Robber fly Robber flies Sawfly Sawflies Sawfly larvae Sawfly caterpillars Sawfly pupa Sawfly pupal case Elm sawfly Elm sawfly larvae Elm sawfly damage Elm sawfly caterpllars Scorpionfly Scorpionflies Plecoptera Stonefly Stoneflies Stonefly nymph Stonefly nymphcase